Behind the festival

Initiator and project manager Helga Jensen, Exhib/Kulturstøberiet, in collaboration with visual artist Yuko Takada Keller, Margit Borring, Hillerød Kunstforening og medlemmer af Byens Hjerte (Hillerød Kunstforening, Slotkirkens Hus, Frederiksborg Slots, Slotsbio).

How to?
The festival is organized as an umbrella festival, where everyone can arrange events or happenings that are about Japan and Japanese culture and take place in Hillerød.
By umbrella festival, is meant a festival where a large number of different event organizers gather under one umbrella, one brand, with one website, joint marketing and PR. But where each player has full responsibility and controls over their own event.
It is for everyone, from associations, sports clubs, artists and cultural players, businesses, individuals to schools, museums and other institutions.
Each can participate with just their angle, interest and entrance to the topic.

Do you or your association, company or organization participate in the festival?

Support with events, venues, sponsorships or anything else.

come and have a talk about what and how - we can possibly help find places, and how to organize. and tips and tricks for running your event.

Contact or 21907622 (may be difficult to catch on tel, so leave message)


TIDSPLANEN ER ÆNDRET!! Da festivalen er udsat til april/maj 2021!
Revideret plan følger..

Fase 1
Start (august-nov 2019)
< this is where we are

  • Planning and development of concept, project description and budget.
  • PR and marketing strategy and plan. Fundraising and sponsorship strategy.
  • Contact potential partners and organizers. 
  • Preparation and launch of website, social platforms and information material.

Face 2
Implementation and recruitment (Nov 19-May 20)

  • Contact potential partners and organizers.
  • Publication of website with organizer / event registration and social profiles.
  • Recruitment of stakeholders, organizers and volunteers.
  • Fundraisingand contact sponsors.
  • Information meetings for and with stakeholders.

Face 3
Marketing (Nov 19-Nov 20)

  • Public relations and press: targeted potential actors and stakeholders draw attention to the festival, its idea and content.
  • PR and press: targeted guests and participants.

Face 4
Conducting events and festival

Face 5